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Telephone counselling:

Please call us on 000 0000 000 to arrange a time for your appointment.

30 minute session: £35

Sexual Health Specialist’s:- Abortion in Scarborough

Abortion Clinics Scarborough provides the best healthcare services in the UK, in sexual and reproductive health sector. We have a large network of clinics all over the country that provides information, advice and professional care for both men and women. We are committed to providing great service to all; an abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a baby. Abortion clinics Scarborough provide the help you need in terms of what choices to make. Abortion Clinics Scarborough offer online and over the phone counseling services, if you are unsure or need emotional support in regards to the abortion.

Abortion clinics Scarborough are professional and compassionate at the same time. We provide a safe, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Are you Worried!!!. If you are pregnant, make sure you do a pregnancy test using either a home pregnancy test kit or visit your local GP, family planning clinic or Abortion Clinics centre.

It is vital you seek advice as quickly as you can while considering abortion before the pregnancy is too far gone. You can make an appointment with us or contact your GP, family planning clinic or young person's clinic. You can either choose a private or NHS service for your treatment, NHS treatments are free. If you contact your doctor he will be able to give you a referral letter to go to the hospital or clinic. We provide both NHS and private abortion treatments. If you are a private care patient then your cost will depend upon the kind of treatment you opt for. Our Fees and abortion costs are listed on.
Abortion is a difficult decision to make and sometimes you can feel unsure or overwhelm with what you might feel later, we offer counseling services either via the phone or in person. This will help you understand your feelings and make the choice best for you.

If you are unsure what do, we can arrange for you to see a specialist counsellor or talk to one via our telephone counselling service, so you can discuss your feelings and your options. Don't feel you have to make this important decision on your own (equally, don't let others decide for you). We have also designed an on-line counselling guide below to help you analyse your feelings.

At the initial stages you will be seen by a doctor/nurse and they will assess you to check how many weeks pregnant you are and also to find out what treatment options are best suited to you. There are two kinds of abortion treatments one is the quick surgical procedure under local anesthetic and the other is the medical abortion also known as the pill option or abortion pill.
Abortion pill/medical Abortion: This is usually offered during the early pregnancy of up to 9weeks.This type of abortion means taking two sets of pills (orally) over two visits (this can be on the same day or separate days) which causes the passing of the pregnancy.
Surgical abortion: Surgical abortion is a simple procedure where gentle suction is used to empty the uterus. It is possible to have a choice of anesthetic although in the early stages of pregnancy many women choose to have no anesthetic or light sedation.

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